What is so great about our product?

  •  CLASSIC ORTHOTIC INSERT – Orthotics are inserts placed into your shoes that are made especially to fix any problem in your lower extremities. It works by straightening out the biomechanics of your feet or lower legs to help improve foot, leg, hip, knee, and lower back pain almost immediately.
  •  SOLID CONSTRUCTION – This arch support insert is built to last and is made using only premium quality materials, such as EVA, PU, and PVC fabric. It can carry your weight easily and can absorb the shock as well as promote and find cushioning for your feet.
  •  PATENTED SYSTEM – Most people find insoles too stiff. But we have the “energy return system” -when you step down on a Pine Valley Orthotic, it pushes back like a gentle spring, relieving feet pain and energizing your whole body. It will also help your knees, back and hips feel better too.
  •  IMPROVED HEEL STABILITY – Our insert has an anatomically contoured heel cup that promotes stability, balance and proper alignment. With a stable heel, it will now be easier to achieve the proper alignment of the knees, hips and lower back – all elements needed for the perfect golf swing.
  •  IMPROVED GAME – These orthotics are designed to improve your golf swing as well as energize the feet and reduce pain. It anatomically alignS your body, fixing biomechanical inefficiency caused by foot, heel, arch, or ball pain from Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Pronation and more.