Michael Breed is a professional golf instructor, Sirius XM Radio Host and Television Host. In 2003, he was selected as a Top 100 Instructor in America by Golf Magazine. In 2011, he was voted one of the Top 50 Instructors in America by Golf Digest. He is now 13th on this list, and #1 in the state of New York.[1]. 

In 2012, Breed was chosen as the PGA’s National Teacher of the Year

What Our Customers Say…

I have had problems with my feet for years and have tried numerous, and I might add, very expensive, orthotics. I wear them for a few days and toss them. Why, because they are hard and hurt my feet. These orthotics are so comfortable and calming to my feet. In fact, I wear them in my walking shoes. So, even though the website says, specifically for golfers, I think these orthotics are good for everyone. In fact, I’m going to get more pairs for my different shoes. 

Linda Pittari – Business Owner


I’m a 7 handicap and always wore custom orthotics from my doctor. Stu from Pinevalley Orthotics asked me to try his. From the minute I put these on I knew there was a huge difference. These allowed me to make a bigger shoulder turn,  the balance and stability was incredible. My feet felt young and energized. I walk the golf course and usually by 15 minutes, I’m looking for a place to sit. Not anymore!
Great job Pinevalley Orthotics. I’m in love……
Going to order 2 more pair…..

Boca Raton FL

I was the guy who parked the cart as close to the green as possible ,always in the wrong place and always getting yelled at by the ranger. MY feet knees and hips always ached so bad. I tried a pair of The Pine Valley Orthotics and amazingly I felt so much better. WOW! They felt like I was walking on springs….Try a pair…..I’m a believer…..

Eric Seltzer
West Palm Beach FL

I’ve been struggling with plantar fasciitis for over a year now, and could hardly get thru a pound of golf. I was always looking to park the cart on the green and never wanted to take one extra step because it hurt. Stu from Pine Valley Orthotics talked me into trying a pair of his “Energy Return System” orthotics. I was skeptical but desperate. The first time I wore them I would say I was 50 % better. I then wore them in work shoes all week and finally stopped thinking about my aching feet , I’m on my way to pain free feet. I just purchased 2 more sets and will never walk another step without them. I highly recommend Pine Valley Orthotics.

Mark C
Delray Beach FL.

Just played golf in my PINE VALLEY ORTHOTICS  and can’t believe how good my knees and feet felt at the end of the round. I was desperate and tried them not really believing they would help. As soon as I put them on I knew they felt different in a good way. I felt support, balance and the pain in my knees was gone. I’ve been suffering for years and thinking of going for surgery, NOT any more. I’ll just wear my Pine Valley Orthotics. I just ordered 3 more pair and will now wear them in my everyday shoes.

Thanks so much

Gabe Van Nostrand
Las Vegas Nevada