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Stu Sackowitz

Pine Valley Orthotics
Inventor & Founder

About Pine Valley Orthotics

Our orthotic design was perfected over years in the making and is manufactured in our New Jersey facility. We are a United States based company committed to improving the lives of our customers. Whether you want to improve your game or are suffering from foot, heel, arch, or ball pain from Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles problems, Flat Feet, Pronation or Neuropathy, we are confident we’ve created the solution for you. Pine Valley Orthotics will help you manage foot, ankle, back, and heel pain and help eliminate plantar fasciitis and other similar medical issues.  The 2 degree pitched heel anatomically aligns your gait placing you in a neutral position. Our “Energy Return System” gives a spring like effect; when you step down it pushes back and will self adjust to each golfer. Made with a special Polymer, the orthotic is odorless, breathable and durable; giving enough arch support to take the pressure off the ball of the foot and redistribute body weight.

The advantages of choosing Pine Valley Orthotics:

Pitched Heel 
Arch Support
Energy Return System
Cushioned Heel Cup
Fore Foot Padding
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Created by an Orthopedic Specialist
Made in the USA

A Note From Our Founder

I’m Stuart Sackowitz, Orthopedic Specialist and the owner of several specialty shoe stores. I have been offering loyal customers high quality comfort footwear for over 40 years. My background is in orthopedics. Our story begins with my personal experience playing golf. I tore my Achilles tendon. It left me with a noticeable limp and I was no longer able to walk the golf course. I could barely get through the round even with a cart! Severe discomfort in my feet and legs prompted me to think about developing something that would allow me to manage the pain in my feet and legs and get back to playing golf. After a long and tedious design process and years in the making, I created an orthotic that features balance, stability, proper weight shift and our “ENERGY RETURN SYSTEM”, specifically for golfers. My dream has become a reality! These orthotics have an Energy Return System which creates a spring-like effect, relieves foot pain and energizes your whole body! Your feet will feel incredible and it will relieve stress on your knees, hips and back as well. These fabulous pads slip right into golf shoes. The result I have experienced is amazing. My balance and stability have totally improved. My golf swing is better; my score is lower. I know my orthotics will help you too.

If you have a question, concern or need assistance with your purchase please feel free to contact me through our Customer Service page. I answer nearly every call and email personally so you always have my knowledge behind every answer and can be assured you are dealing with a true Orthopedic Specialist who cares about your concerns. Thank you for visiting our site and allowing me to assist you!

Founder Stu Sackowitz with Michael Breed


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